Nailed it: Impeccable #MIC style Thames-side Posing.

I have had suspicions for some time now that this world is split into two types of people, those who wear their heart on their sleeves and openly adore Made in Chelsea; the love affairs, the tiffs, the bad acting and on the other side of the fence people who pretend they don’t secretly feel great affection for Binkie, Jamie and chums.

Luckily I had a visit from Emily Taylor this weekend who most definitely falls into the first camp, so what better way to spend a rare sunny Saturday afternoon than on The Made in Chelsea’s Walking Tour.

It was very exciting being greeted in Sloane Square by our guide Quentin Chutney Hobnobs, who assured us he was known in the Royal Borough as ‘Quinkie’. As we walked up the King’s Road we saw all the great sites: the cafe Millie likes to drink hot chocolate, the Beni Hanna where Spencer was left with the bill after Louise did her signature storm out and even the lingerie shop where Andy made pervy comments towards Lucy and Rosy. Errr, probably don’t invite Andy to a sexy lingerie store then Lucy, what are you thinking!? So as you can probably tell, it is safe to say we were having a bloomin’ great time!

The other thing I liked about the tour was the mix of history, geography and non-#mic-related-celebrity goss which was casually slipped in like a parent hiding nutritious veggies in a naughty curry. For example, did you know that the average house price in Chelsea is £4million?? That at the Kings Rd Farmers market it’s not just bijoux pastry, but you can purchase oysters with your champagne? And most excitingly for all of you Mary Poppins/Retro Rock fans out there - the fact that Julie Andrews used to live on Cheyne walk next to Keith Richards!!?? Super-cali-frajalistic or what!?

So there you go guys, you get a bit of extra bang for your buck on this tour, it’s not all Andy and Spencer, (although obviously that would be WONDERFUL) and now I have given all you pretend non-fans a reason to experience it too!

For more information, have a looksie here, and a heads up to all you bargain hunters, I got my ticket on Y plan for a tenner, which is a snatch!

Ice cream fondue. A concept that we should all stop and have a little think about. Yes, ice cream dipped in melted chocolate. PLUS. Other things you can also dip in chocolate, including baked goods that are also made of chocolate. I bet you feel exhausted just thinking about that sugar coma, well, if you want to experience the sugar coma in REAL ACTUAL LIFE then pop along to the Haagen Dazs Cafe in Leicester Square.

Last weekend a dream was fulfilled for the small geek inside of me that likes to wear a cloak and brandish a wand, as I was whisked off to the 'Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter'. As someone who at one point in her life would actively base friendships on, a) Whether they liked Harry Potter and b) Whether they thought he would die in the last book, I have to say at times this tour was too much and I very much needed to lie on the floor and calm down. 

As a lover of the HP books more than the films, it was incredible to see all the intricate detail and thought that had been added in order to bring the props, sets and costumes to life. Things that you wouldn’t even notice in the film… like all the individually written names on every wand box, the huge scale model of hogwarts that was used for CGI, individual pieces of jewellery like the Slytherin Locket or the Ravenclaw Diadem…. Ohmygod, I am putting my geek back in the box, it’s all becoming too much again.

It was lovely as well to see my friend @tegtegs​ who has been working at the experience for over a year now. She gave us all the goss on how exciting it is when the animals from the films come into the experience and which the best wands were. Brilliant.

If you are a Harry Potter Fan I would 100% recommend this as a day out, you too could have the opportunity to enjoy a picture in the Ford Anglia, try butterbeer for the first time and most excitingly scare away any potential suitors with your enthusiasm for magic!

As all adventurers know, it is often not the places you go but the people you meet along the way that make the journey worthwhile. So, with this in mind, I would like to dedicate today’s blog to Birthday Princess Katie Jamieson, or @KatieJamo as she is known to her loyal online subjects.

Over the past year and a half, Katie has been the best adventure buddy, partner in crime and live in comedian a girl could have wished for. If I have written a post on here blabbing on about where I have been or things I have done, chances are that they also got did by Jamo too. She has been relentless in her enthusiasm for enjoying London to it’s most full and I am sad/happy/distraught/proud/devastated/excited to report that post turning the big 2-5, she is off on a solo adventure down under.* I can’t wait to hear about all of her mischief and I have every part of my body crossed that she writes about it, as hand on heart she is one of the funniest and most naturally talented people I have had the good fortune to meet - as well as being the most down to earth and kind hearted.

So today’s blog features some more personal pictures and unfeatured adventures that may not have made it to the site previously, but have been just as much if not more fun than those that did.

So, here’s to you, birthday girl and to adventure, brace yourself Australia, you’re not going to know what’s hit you!

*On a separate note, I have a bone to pick with Australia, which is of course, stop stealing all my mates!! I can’t offer them what you have, so this is an unfair battle. You have Katie now too, so stop being greedy or at least send one of the others back please.

 I was lucky enough to watch the incredibly talented Isy Suttie record her ‘Isy Suttie’s Love Letters’ show for Radio 4 this week, which is due for broadcast in April. Ever since @JoeBourne alerted me to Isy’s stand up over two years ago now, (Isy messaged us on twitter, it was a great day for all involved) I have always made a point of listening to her radio shows whenever they are on. You can imagine my delight when I won tickets to see her live! Much gloating was done.

Isy is so incredibly talented, funny and likable it makes you want to run up to the stage, give her a MASSIVE hug, feel embarrassed for being so uncool and offer her a firm handshake in apology. As she recounts the slightly alternative love stories of  people she has known throughout her life, you found yourself slipping slowly into her world. A world that seems somehow brighter, or perhaps the detail was finer tuned. Her characters are such a wonderful mixture of the bizarre and the endearing that you couldn’t help but fall in love every time they did. Yup. I came away inspired to write kind things and Alex has even dusted off his guitar!

So, if you haven’t already, I recommend signing up for ticket alerts from the BBC, they are always looking for audiences for some brilliant shows and if you are lucky, you might get to go see Isy when she makes Series 3!

Photo sourced from here.