Somewhere over two rainbows,
Way up high,
There’s a land that I’ve heard of,
I’ve heard that it’s made of pie.

Music: a review

Last week can only be described as a game of two halves when it came to musical adventures. I was a very lucky girl and got escorted out of the house not just once, but on TWO occasions in order to engage in a bit of bopping. As many of you know, I gave up being (what mum would describe as) ‘trendy’ a long ago, which is why I feel comfortable using words like ‘bopping’.  Even I have to admit however, that going to see the newly formed ‘McBusted’ was not generally perceived as high on the cool-o-meter. But you know what I say to all you cool people, YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON ALL THE FUN!!!! I mean really, I fancied McFly, I fancied Busted. ‘McBusted’ was sure to be a winner I thought and I was not wrong.

McBusted were apparently cautious about their re-brand announcing just 11 shows at first, all of which sold out in record time. Following this triumph, they went on to sell out 36 arena shows– wah-wee-woo-wah! We witnessed the arena spectactular at the 02, or for you old skool peepz –the millennium dome. In case you have never been before, it basically looks like the incredible millennium dome jelly you can see on the picture below.


Millennium dome jelly expertly made by Julie Nelkon in 1999 (just).

The lights went down. The Busted boys arrived ‘Back to the Future’, parking up their Delorian whilst the McFly lads popped out of the stage in a flurry of scissor kicks, hurrah – we were off! The show was EPIC, there were hovering space ships, light up guitars, huge sports balls bouncing through the crowd and most excitingly proper boyband dancing.


Taken during the emosh ‘Sleeping with the Light on’.

Maybe it was the nostalgia of being 16 and listening to their music, the combined dancing of 20,000 fellow McBusted fans in such close proximity or the joy that you felt emanating from the band themselves, but whatever it was – it was amazing! Sign me up for the next tour boys.

On a more low key ‘oh-look-I’m-a-trendy-twenty-something’ note, I also was lucky enough to score a ticket to Matthew and the Atlas’ performance last week in Camden Town. I wore all black as camouflage, so that no one realised I was a McBusted fan and had a wonderful time. The gig itself was quite intimate and the singing was full of harmony, melody and emotion. Matthew and the Atlas have been compared to Mumford and Sons in the past and I can see why as they do fit into that banjo-y envelope, but somehow I thought Matt Hegarty’s voice elevated it all in a different way to old Mumford.

The best moment for me personally was when the band ‘finished’ (i.e. said they were finished but we all knew they’d be back for a cheeky encore) and the man next to me went ABSOLUTELY BERSERK screaming ‘I WILL REMAINNNN, I WILL REMAIIIIINNNN!!!!’ I was about to say ‘alright lad, we’re all staying, there’s no need to worry,– this is just what musicians do sometimes as a little tease’ when Alex, seeing my intentions whispered in my ear ‘That’s a name of one of their songs.’ Oops. So to finish off my (quite long!) blog, here is ol’ Matty singing that very song:

For McBusted info click here and for Matthew and the Atlas click here.

Also if you have an empty Sunday tomorrow and are looking for something to do, why not come make some trouble with me here.


Happy Earth Day <3

As it is Earth Day, (Happy Earth day to all you Earthlings out there!) I thought I would let you all know where on *earth* I have been the last two months. See what I did there! Where on Earth… Earth Day…  Anyway.

It has been a rolllerccccoooasssterrr of emotions this month as two of my FAVZ people Joe and Caitlin got hitched. Please see below for adorable first dance picture <3. Please click here to enjoy the MC BOBO and DJ LEGSO (aka. mine and Kim’s) Wedding DJ Set on Spotify.

I have also been enjoying some Eastern European japes. Below is a portrait of me in Bratislava embracing my inner princess as I followed the royal procession around town in a game I like to call ‘follow the tiara’.

and below at this point of the blog is me looking pleased that I have successfully house hunted my perfect pad in Vienna.

Bringing the blog action blaction back to the most incredible city on earth AKA mah home town AKA The Home of Knees Ups and Singalongs AKA Londinium AKA … okay yep. You get it probably. AKA LONDON. Will stop now. AKA LDN. Sorry…

Things in the capital have been awesome but not-so-much blog worthy as I have been focussing on getting some key tapping done in a bid to embrace my ‘do-less, write more’ NY resolution. Yes I know it is April, thank you very much. You may have noticed for example I have a dead profesh writery website now, I have business cards and I have even been performing. In public. I KNOW. Below this bit of writing you will see me rocking the Open Mic at Forget What You Heard (About Spoken Word).

All in all, I have been having a lovely time. Don’t think I have forgotten you though guys (mum), I promise I will be back with some more fun things to do in London very soon! Until then please enjoy this lovely picture of a baby goat who lives at Kentish Town City Farm and to see more of his friends you can check out my Vine here!

Heart Palpatations and Kisses of Life xxx

Nailed it: Impeccable #MIC style Thames-side Posing.

I have had suspicions for some time now that this world is split into two types of people, those who wear their heart on their sleeves and openly adore Made in Chelsea; the love affairs, the tiffs, the bad acting and on the other side of the fence people who pretend they don’t secretly feel great affection for Binkie, Jamie and chums.

Luckily I had a visit from Emily Taylor this weekend who most definitely falls into the first camp, so what better way to spend a rare sunny Saturday afternoon than on The Made in Chelsea’s Walking Tour.

It was very exciting being greeted in Sloane Square by our guide Quentin Chutney Hobnobs, who assured us he was known in the Royal Borough as ‘Quinkie’. As we walked up the King’s Road we saw all the great sites: the cafe Millie likes to drink hot chocolate, the Beni Hanna where Spencer was left with the bill after Louise did her signature storm out and even the lingerie shop where Andy made pervy comments towards Lucy and Rosy. Errr, probably don’t invite Andy to a sexy lingerie store then Lucy, what are you thinking!? So as you can probably tell, it is safe to say we were having a bloomin’ great time!

The other thing I liked about the tour was the mix of history, geography and non-#mic-related-celebrity goss which was casually slipped in like a parent hiding nutritious veggies in a naughty curry. For example, did you know that the average house price in Chelsea is £4million?? That at the Kings Rd Farmers market it’s not just bijoux pastry, but you can purchase oysters with your champagne? And most excitingly for all of you Mary Poppins/Retro Rock fans out there - the fact that Julie Andrews used to live on Cheyne walk next to Keith Richards!!?? Super-cali-frajalistic or what!?

So there you go guys, you get a bit of extra bang for your buck on this tour, it’s not all Andy and Spencer, (although obviously that would be WONDERFUL) and now I have given all you pretend non-fans a reason to experience it too!

For more information, have a looksie here, and a heads up to all you bargain hunters, I got my ticket on Y plan for a tenner, which is a snatch!

Ice cream fondue. A concept that we should all stop and have a little think about. Yes, ice cream dipped in melted chocolate. PLUS. Other things you can also dip in chocolate, including baked goods that are also made of chocolate. I bet you feel exhausted just thinking about that sugar coma, well, if you want to experience the sugar coma in REAL ACTUAL LIFE then pop along to the Haagen Dazs Cafe in Leicester Square.